Blackshot Design.

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Blackshot Design.

Web · SEO · Tech

'May you live in interesting times'
- Kennedy (R)

A freelancers journey

It started out as a hobby, a side gig, something to dabble in. It soon became a passion, a location independent lifestyle and a way to leave the everyday behind.

Blackshot Design is a boutique freelance web company currently located in the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, Northern Queensland, Australia.

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Searching for guidance?

“I work with small businesses, startup enterprises, and entrepreneurs to help visualise how technology can be leveraged to maximise sales conversions, increase revenue, and automate mundane (and costly) back office processes.”

IT Strategy and Consulting

Enterprise level thinking, planning and execution empowering small teams with limited budgets.

Custom Web Design

Modern, clean, appealing, interactive and responsive. I design for speed, security and optimal visitor engagement.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Ensure your brand is visible, competitive, and easily located. Deliver content, analyse the results and improve your delivery workflows.

Domain & Website Hosting

Rock solid hosting means your web services are online and available to your customers when they need them.





Latest Work

I always enjoy the client journey. Understanding your business needs, processes, and creative ideas. When a design comes to life that captures your brand, one that you’re proud to put on display, that’s the part I love.

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